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About TradeChain

TradeChain is a Singapore based Blockchain company assisting clients in implementing product and technology solutions using Hybrid Blockchain Technology. TradeChain team comprises Management Consulting veterans from Big 4, Serial Entrepreneurs, Product & Tech geeks and domain experts passionate about Blockchain technology. The team has decades of hands-on experience across diverse sectors helping private and government institutions. Leveraging the rich experience, TradeChain is committed to improve business efficiency and mitigate risks using Blockchain technology. We advise clients on examining if Blockchain is the right solution, creating a business use case, assisting in selecting the right technology and provide implementation & change management support to drive profitable growth. TradeChain has developed a portfolio of blockchain applications and also engaged in development of customised applications and integration of legacy systems using commercial grade hybrid Blockchain protocol.

Our Products

Best discounting rates and better trust

TradeChain provides solutions to help businesses optimize working capital and unlock growth. A global peer to peer invoice financing platform allows real time disbursement and prevents fraud using immutable distributed ledger technology.

Globally faster and cheaper transfer of money

Blockchain based remittance solution minimizes role of the intermediaries and enhances margin. A global peer to peer network allows even unbanked population to send money globally using a secure, permissioned and regulatory compliant environment.

Transparent and quick settlement of travel bills

Blockchain smart contracts can automate reconciliation and settlement in online travel booking. The distributed ledger technology allows customer to contract directly with the hotel and powers real time payment & settlement between multiple parties at fractional cost.

Public services in permissioned environment

TradeChain provides solutions to the government to improve delivery of public services (Vehicle Registration, Land Registry, etc.). The distributed ledger technology allows government departments to collaborate effectively in a secure, transparent and interoperable environment.

Building trust and transparent supply chain

Blockchain technology holds potential to build trust and minimizes paper work in global supply chain. A global peer to peer network tracks product province & lifecycle journey and accurately maintains contractual & regulatory compliance in an immutable digital ledger.

Credential Verification and identity management

TradeChain provides solutions for credential verification and identity management. The distributed ledger technology securely maintains user identity and allows user to be in-charge of the personal data in a permissioned environment.

P2P Digital Asset Exchange

TradeChain provides platform for exchange of digital assets. The distributed ledger technology allows assets to be represented digitally and provide a secure, permissioned and regulatory compliant platform for exchanging value.

Solution as per your requirement

TradeChain assists institutions to build business applications and connect ecosystem in permissioned environment. Organizations can improve efficiency of business processes and mitigate risks by building customized applications or integrating legacy systems using Blockchain technology.

Efficient settlement of trade deals

Blockchain can build trust, reduce processing time& disputes in global commerce. Contractual terms of global trade can be written in self executing smart contracts thereby allowing all counter-parties to have same validated record of transaction and fulfilment.

About XinFin Protocol

XinFin is a Hybrid Blockchain technology company focused on commercial grade hybrid blockchain platform which is highly scalable, secure, permissioned architecture. XinFin blockchain is powered by XDC01 protocol, which is built over the first of its kind Hybrid Blockchain architecture to eliminate the inefficiencies in existing enterprise systems and enable institutions provide real time settlement as well as enabling cross border smart contracts.

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