Privacy Policy

The most significant aspect of TradeChain is to preserve your belief and confidence in us by safeguarding your privacy. You will be provided with complete information about the process of your data being collected, stored/saved and utilized by us. We recommend you to kindly review our Privacy Policy thoroughly. You explicitly permit us to use and reveal your personal details as per the Privacy Policy, by visiting TradeChain’s Website/WAP Site/Applications. You will forbid using or accessing TradeChain website, WAP site or mobile applications, if you disagree to any term/terms of this policy. TradeChain has the authority to alter the terms of this policy without any prior communication. You are requested to keep yourself updated on any such alterations made by TradeChain by keeping a check regularly. The Privacy Policy must evenly pertain to TradeChain desktop website, TradeChain mobile WAP site & TradeChain mobile/desktop applications.


There will be no selling, sharing or renting of your personal details to any kind of 3rd party. We also prohibit utilizing your email addresses or contact numbers for unwanted emails or/and SMS. TradeChain will send emails or/and SMS only in relation with the terms of services and the Privacy Policy. TradeChain will disclose overall survey details taken by 3rd party for statistical purpose. TradeChain is responsible to disclose your personal details on receiving any kind of legal order or decree stating to disclose the details.

Personal Information

The personal Information suggests and comprises of all the details which can be connected to a particular individual or/and to ascertain any individual, like name, date of birth, permanent address, email ID, telephone number, mailing address, credit card details like cardholder name, expiry date and any personal details which may have been freely given by the person/user for availing any service/services on TradeChain. When, as a user, you will browse through the TradeChain’s site, we shall gather information connected with the domain and the host through which you access the internet, the IP address (or Internet Protocol address) of computer and/or the ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are utilizing, and also, the statistical data of the anonymous site.

Use of Personal Information

We use personal information to offer you the services you explicitly solicited for, to settle disputes, fix concerns, facilitate safe services, gather money, survey customer interest in all our services, update you on offers, services, products, updates, customize your personal experience, identify & safeguard us against fraud, error, and other kinds of criminal activities, execute our terms & conditions, etc. We may periodically request you to complete some open online surveys. The surveys may request you for contact and demographic details (such as zip code, gender, age etc.). The data collected by TradeChain is modified and personalized as per your practice and understanding; so that you are provided and shown with a subject of your liking.


Cookies are a very small piece of information that gets stored by the web server running on the web browser and that information can later be referred back from that specific browser. TradeChain uses cookies & tracking technology based on the types of features offered. The cookies and other tracking technology will not collect any personal; but, if you earlier shared personally identifiable details, the cookies may get attached to such data. Combined cookie & tracking information may/may not be provided to third parties and more.

Links to other websites

There are other websites showing links to TradeChain website. When the TradeChain site links appear on other websites, then such websites shall gather the said personal information associated with you for identification purpose. TradeChain will not be liable for any such privacy rules or matters of all those linked or connected websites.


As far as security measures are concerned, TradeChain’s actions to safeguard the loss, the misuse and the alterations made to any information, are under sever charge. TradeChain provides a secured server system on every occasion where any changes are made by you by accessing your account details. All the information collected by TradeChain is under severe security strategies framed by TradeChain, guarding it against unofficial access.


Once you browse the TradeChain website or provide your details, you agree and consent for the information gathered & use of such information that you have revealed to TradeChain, in agreement with the Privacy Policy.

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